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Brett Sandala
Founder and CEO

Brett Sandala, Founder and CEO of Ocean Drive SocialBrett Sandala is a writer, consultant, and innovator of online branding and social media marketing, and the founder of Ocean Drive Social.

With several years of experience at a leading political news publisher, Brett was one of the first “social media editors” in the business, combining expertise in editorial, marketing, and technology to find novel approaches to online promotion and sales.

At the same time, Brett was creating, marketing, and selling several original clothing brands and building what would become a leading international music brand.

Brett’s day job experience in news and marketing combined with his after-hours work on independent projects to form a unique foundation and a forward-thinking, innovative approach to online branding and marketing.

Social media for business is all about trends and opportunities. By understanding those trends, we use the energy behind them to create new opportunities.”

Through Ocean Drive Social, Brett works with clients locally and around the world to create cost-effective and result-oriented strategies, consulting with leadership and staff on all matters of social media and online promotion.

With the launch of the Ocean Drive Social Members Club in the summer of 2015, Brett has provided guidance to countless business owners, managers, and independent marketers, keeping them on the cutting edge of mobile, viral, and social media marketing.

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